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New Year

5 Ways to Get Stuff Done

There's never enough time in the day, that's a fact. Or is it? Maybe it's how we utilize our time that makes all the difference.

2019: The Year of Release

Releasing control and fear was the key to everything I had ever questioned God about.

Is Your Vision Board Big Enough?

2017 Reflections: Pray About Everything

Why is it necessary to pray about everything? I've often wondered the same thing. Some things should just be left to work themselves out, right? For much of this year, I've taken that risk. Just hoping things work out. But God isn't just going to insert Himself into all of our situations. Sometimes, He only comes when called, because it is necessary for us to learn to lean on Him. Not the other way around.

2016! The Year of Seed

It's been an amazing journey this year. We started it off in church and we're ending it the same way! Every year, churches around the world select a theme for the incoming year. Let me tell you, God has my... Continue Reading →

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