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Girlfriends = DRAMA???

The idea that women are constantly competing against one another has long been forgotten and now we understand that there's room at the table for every one of us.

What Ayesha Taught Me…

Anytime a woman shares anything other than her strength, she is demoralized for it. It is not uncommon for society to cheer on a strong, educated Black woman who is doing her thing. However, as soon as sis shows emotion, it's a certified wrap.

John Gray: Be a Covering, not a Lid

"Unless you're marrying someone who never plans to level up from the position they're in when you unite with them, it's not realistic to think you'll never have to play this role for another being.

Why We Should No Longer Accept Being the “First Black” Anything [Slight Rant]

As featured on The 94 Percent On Monday night, the MTV Movie Awards 2018 premiered and so many highlights and memes have flooded my social media timelines, allowing those who missed out to pretend as if they hadn't and those... Continue Reading →

Let’s Go Outside and Burn a Stack of Bibles!!!, who wants to have me lynched for that one? I'm sure about a billion people would read the title and call me a terrorist. (LOL) But seriously, I HAD to take a break from the tons of homework and... Continue Reading →

What Would You Do?

Recently, I watched a show on ABC called "What Would You Do?" It was sort of like a hidden, candid camera show where the producers would set up disturbing scenarios in public places just to see what everyday passersby would... Continue Reading →

Leave the Traditions At the Door?!?!?!

Okay...I fully understand that the new millennium woman is independent in her thinking, personality, career, family and ways of doing things in life. She makes her own money, drives her own car and sets the bar above and beyond what... Continue Reading →

Read the title again.... That's exactly what I had to do today in dealing with some very ignorant people. According to some, in today's society, racism is hardly as much of a problem as it used to be. And that... Continue Reading →

A Fine Line

There are some extremely sensitive people in the world today and personally, I feel that if you are unable to handle the criticism, backlash, opinionated naysayers, and cynical satire, then you may want to leave the United States of America.... Continue Reading →

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